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World of Interiors August 2015

World of Interiors August 2015


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From World of Interiors website:

Lofty Conversion

A remarkable repository of monumental statues and sacred relics, Westminster Abbey's 'attic' has been out of bounds to all but a trusted few for years. But now, in the first major architectural intervention since the time of Wren and Hawksmoor, transformation is afoot in the triforium as it prepares to welcome living souls. First up, Ruth Guilding. Photography: Christopher Simon Sykes

Fortune's Friend

When Philip Talboys retired from the bar, he began compiling a wide array of objects and artworks. The catch? He had nowhere to put them. But chancing upon a Georgian town house for sale in Kent he found the perfect match for his catholic collection. Nothing sets off good judgement like a stroke of luck, as its rooms bear witness. text and photography: Tim Beddow

A Taste of Tbilisi

In a leafy corner of the Georgian capital sits Pur Pur restaurant. An important meeting place in the lead-up to the country's bloodless Rose Revolution in 2003, this once-delapidated dining spot has been refurbished, its lofty spaces filled with old-fashioned fittings and flea-market finds. Despite an air of faded glory, this local institution appeals to both diplomats and domino players, as Joseph Alexander Smith discovers. Photography: Ricardo Labougle

Innocent Abroad

Despite their surreal sophistication, the collages and box constructions of Joseph Cornell have a wide-eyed quality. The paradox is in keeping with a man who spent his life rooted to his mother's clapboard home in Queens but whose work is filled with yearning for exotic places. As a new show opens in London, Jonathan Griffin sets off on a voyage round a unique imagination.

Quartier Jewel

India Mahdavi knew she'd unearthed a gem when she found a pair of bijou flats in Paris's Seventh Arrondisment, even if they lacked polish. Fashioning the ideal foil for her own creations, the golden girl of interiors has turned the two into one exquisite setting. Text: Ana Cardinale Photography: Ricardo Labougle


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