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White Zinfandel V Shame

White Zinfandel V Shame


Food culture magazine. White covers a tad smudged--they look better than in the photo.


Publisher's blurb:

Cover art with Forest Young, Blush 
Interior art with Davide Balula, Interrupting Words with Burp Sounds

Event sponsored by: Alexander Hamilton Vodka, Cooper Hewitt, Good Company, Paloma Powers.

Patrons: Kwaw de Graft-Johnson, Paloma Powers 
Special thanks: Fanny Karst, Yang Li.

Corrections: Fried Chicken, Twinkies & Soda / Jennifer Jacquet (Pg: 78)

“Even the caves of southeast Asia aren’t safe from this bipedal hominid who will eat nests made from swiftlet saliva right out from under the eggs. Oh, and the next nest that swift builds with spit? We’ll eat that, too.”


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