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Waldbilder by Hermann Vogel


HERMANN VOGEL (1854 Plauen - 1921 Krebes) - Forest pictures -> Forest pictures by Hermann Vogel.

Meisen Riffarth & Co., Verl. Braun u.Schneider/München, undated (around 1900). Folder with 16 illustrations in heliogravure.
Total size approx. 54 x 41 x 1.5 cm.
Provenance: Only the library number on the back is clearly marked. illustrations are slightly  but overall good condition considering the age!

Hermann Vogel was "probably the most famous Vogtland artist" (as Frank Weiß says in his book "Museale Kostbarkeiten des Vogtlandes"). He was also a romantic and poetic man of language. For example, Grimm writes about his landscape drawings for children's and household fairy tales that "they grew almost without exception on the soil of Vogtland". In Krebes, near the stone ruins of the castle, Hermann Vogel had a house built for himself in 1892, which today functions as the Hermann Vogel House and a branch of the Plauen Vogtland Museum.

During his lifetime (1903) a street in Loschwitz and ten years later in the Plauen district of Haselbrunn were named after him. Hermann Vogel died in Krebes on February 22, 1921. On his grave on the south side of the village church in Krebes, there is an inscription formulated by Vogel: "Here lies someone who loved the forest so much". In 1944, the city of Plauen bought Hermann Vogel's house in Krebes.
Since 1952, the house has become a museum, and three rooms have been rented out to various artists. After August 13, 1961, Hermann Vogel's house was "temporarily" closed. In 1993, the city of Plauen again became the owner of the Herman-Vogel-Haus. After renovation and restoration, the house was reopened to the public in 1997 with a permanent exhibition on the life and work of Hermann Vogel.


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