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Ancestral Voices (1975) Prophesying Peace (1977) Caves of Ice (1983) Midway on the Waves (1985) A Mingled Measure (1994) Ancient as the Hills (1997) Through Wood and Dale (1998) Deep Romantic Chasm (2000) Holy Dread (2001) Beneath a Waning Moon (2003) Ceaseless Turmoil (2004) The Milk of Paradise (2005) james lees-milne

Complete set of Diaries by James Lee-Milne in twelve volumes


Ancestral Voices 
Prophesying Peace
Caves of Ice 
Midway on the Waves 
A Mingled Measure 
Ancient as the Hills 
Through Wood and Dale 
Deep Romantic Chasm 
Holy Dread 
Beneath a Waning Moon 
Ceaseless Turmoil 
The Milk of Paradise 

Complete set of the hardcover diaries, with jackets, all in very good condition. Some volumes have a bookplate, previous owner's name.




architecture Diaries interior decoration James Lees-Milne

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