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2020. by Roger Moenks. Hardcover with illustrated boards in very good condition. 


Publisher's blurb:

Explore the beauty in NYC, reality, and intrigue of 100 gender fluid and gender fluid humans who, together, express the ever-expanding spectrum of gender identity across the world. Where there was once thought to be just two genders identities, this 196-page visual exploration highlights the incredible stories in between.There has never been a better time to bring these stories to light. The semiotics of gender are shifting. Research shows that the majority millennials believe that gender shouldn't define people in the way it has historically. There is a wave of gender fluidity and acceptance rising. Yet with this tide of change, there is a growing resistance and denial of transgender identity. When trans people are denied correct identifying documents, this prevents them participating in fundamental aspects of daily life like enrolling in school, accessing health care, getting a job, opening a bank account, travelling, or voting. When they are mis-gendered or subjected to trans-phobic remarks or actions, it can have devastating and lasting effects on their psyche.This photographic tribute aims to highlight the triumphs, tensions, and powerful beauty of fluid and trans life. Everyone has the right to be recognized, to be celebrated, and to be themselves.


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