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L'Amour de l'Art

L'Amour de l'Art


Thick French magazine with attractive cover. Full of interesting articles on costume and body decoration throughout the world, including 'Why dress ourselves?' by Maurice Leenhardt, 'Plaire' by James Laver, 'The Body & Soul' by Germain Bazin, 'Silk Fabrics' by R. de Micheaux, 'Geopolitics of Costume' by Francois Boucher, and the 'International Art and Costume Center in Venice programme' for 1952 by Emo Marconi. Illustrated throughout in black and white, with some color plates. Very good condition.
Laver, James; Bazin, Germain; Marionetti, Paolo; d'Aumale, Comte; Thienen, Frithjof Van
Societe des Publications Peridiques de L'I P. D., 1952


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