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Grey magazine III

Grey magazine III


Biannual fashion magazine. Issue 03. Autumn/Winter 10/11. Thick hardcover. From Grey website:  features… Editorials from Chadwick Tyler, Valentina Ilardi Martin, Jacques Habbah, Monika Kropfitsch, Stefania Paparelli, Ondine Azoulay, Stefano Galuzzi, Tamara Cincik, Guy Aroch, Sune Czajkowski, Raffaella Campeggi, Sophie Delaporte Bruno Aveillan. Essays from Carlo Prada, Daniel Area Wakahisa, Angelo Flaccavento, Brantly Martin. A Monographic on Bottega Veneta. A Mono-Look featuring Ralph Lauren. Artist Aspassio Haronitaki. Designers Undercover, Ragazze Ornamentali, Evi Alexiou. Poetry from Maureen N. McLane. Fiction from Saïd Sayrafiezadeh and Brantly Martin. A Chilean Landscape from Patricia Schwoerer. Interiors from Adrian Gaut and Pol Baril. Illustrations by Daniel Egneus and Paula Castro. Cover: Karlie Kloss shot by Chadwick Tyler.



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