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Rouge Fashionbook 9 1/2 Burst

Rouge Fashionbook 9 1/2 Burst


Fashion magazine from China, a folder with three inserts.


Rouge Fashionbook 是中国第一本独立时尚及艺术半年刊高端杂志,每期根据主题带来焕然一新的设计及包装,甚至logo都会重新设计。我们的目标是创造一种以年轻中国为中心的国际时尚合作平台,邀请中国年轻艺术家及国际上更有经验及影响力的人物,带来激发灵感的时尚大片、诗意的配文、和设计师专访。Rouge Fashionbook 将在全球各大创意书店、美术馆、画廊、及精品店销售。

Rouge Fashionbook is China’s first bi-annual luxury independent fashion and art magazine, bringing a mix of young artists from China together with the works of international artists to create a truly China-centric global fashion and art community. The Book will feature fashion shoots, in-depth interviews with designers and influential subjects from the world of art and fashion. The aim of Rouge Fashionbook is to provide a platform for the new generation o​f creatives from China and Asia to showcase their work and creating fashion-forward images with the help of more established international artists.


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