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Peter Schlesinger Sculpture

Peter Schlesinger Sculpture


Massive monograph, numbered and signed. Very good condition. 

“Acne Studios is proud to announce the publication of a new monograph of the artist Peter Schlesinger. Schlesinger is a New York-based artist who, by way of numerous contributions to Acne Paper, has formed a friendship with Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson. The book celebrates nearly three decades of Schlesinger’s work, photographed by his partner of 40 years Eric Boman. Published  by Acne Studios and printed in Sweden, the monograph uses materials painstakingly selected to reflect the exactitude of work. The copperplate paper, one of the three used inside, is imported from Japan, while the cover is bound in jute cloth made to order in Belgium. Inside, Schlesinger’s work is presented in chronological order from the 1980s up to the present day, photographed by the artist’s partner Eric Boman. It also features a selection of Schlesinger’s works on paper connected to each of the periods presented. The book comes in a limited edition of 1000 copies, each one manually numbered with a stamp.” 


Art interior decoration Manhattan Library

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