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The Magic Wand and Medical Guide 1866

The Magic Wand and Medical Guide


Containing information of great practical use in Love, Courtship and Marriage; also, The detection, prevention and cure of diseases in general.

New York: R. F. Young & Company, 1866. Curious, tiny little book, 310 pages long,  produced cheaply. With magical spells and advice, advice on turning mercury into gold, condemnations of masturbation. Love potions, lotions, etc. Technical descriptions of the sexual act, many pages long, described in the microscopic terms of the prostate and urethra and seminal vesticules, interspersed with dreamy little prints of landscapes, ships passing in the middle distance. Diseases described. Strange home cures such as "...also, the lungs of an ass being burnt puts all poisonous things to flight; so does red pepper." Recipes promised, or samples by post, for a chemical 'crystal honey' that replaces bee's honey, and testimonials printed. Embossed soft cloth covers missing little pieces here and there.


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