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The Last of Uptake

The Last of Uptake


Rebecca West says on the dust jacket flap: "The book has long been a treasure of mine, and I have always thought it a great misfortune that it failed to be recognised as a classic because it was published during the war. My own particular delights in the book are the drawings of the ice-house in the park, and the Chinese pavilion, and the passages describing Lady Tryphena wandering through the gentle decay of her gardens in the mists of winter, recalling the brightly-colored summers of her youth. But I would not be without a page of this charming volume".
by Simon Harcourt Smith
London:  Solstice, 1967. This is the attractive reprint from 1967, of the 1944 edition. Hardcover with Rex Whistler dust jacket and illustrations inside. Jacket has a little light wear.


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