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The Englishwoman's House

The Englishwoman's House


Another volume in this interesting series on the rooms and gardens of the English. This one features the homes of Laura Ashley, Hon Mrs Ana Ines Astor, Miss Isabel Colegate, The Hon Mrs Brudenell, Miss Barbara Cartland, Lady Diana Cooper, The Duchess of Devonshire, The Hon Mrs Fielding, Miss Christina Foyle, The Vicountess Gage, The Lady Gladwyn, Lady Harrod, Lady Henderson, Lady Holland, Mrs Christopher Hussey, Mrs Susanna Johnston, The Hon Lady Lindsay, Miss Jean Muir, Mrs William Proby, Mrs Peter Saunders, Miss Anne Scott-James, Mrs Reginald Sheffield, Mrs Reynolds Stone, The Lady Anne Tree, Mrs David Verey, The Countess of Westmorland, Mrs Peggy Willis, Miss Elizabeth Winn. Hardcover with dust jacket (missing a small piece--see photo)..
Moore, Derry; Lees-Milne, Alvide
Salem House, 1984


England interior decoration James Lees-Milne

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