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In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875 Hegermann-Lindencrone

In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875


 by L. de Hegermann Lindencrone

New York: Harper & Brothers, 1912. Madame de Hegermann Lindencrone is the wife of the present Danish minister to Germany.  She was formerly Miss Lillie Greenough of Cambridge Massachusetts, and at seventeen she became the wife of Charles Moulton, the son oa a well-known American banker, who had been a resident in Paris since the days of Louis-Philippe.  As Madame Charles Moulton she became an appreciated guest at the court of Napoleon III.  After nine years of gaity in the gayest city in the world came the war of 1870 and the Commune.  Upon the fall of the Empire and the death of her husband Mrs Moulton returned to America, where a few years later she marries M. de Hegermann Lindencrone, at that time Danish minister to the United States.  An attractive book, with some foxing.  This copy has survived quite well, its attractive blue boards still bright.  



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