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Domus magazine 785 September 1996

Domus magazine 785 September 1996


Thick issue of this Italian (and English) architecture and design magazine. Bank headquarters, Leipzig by Hans Kollhoff, Helga Timmermann. New Law Courts in Padua by Gino Valle. Offices and Print Museum at Casorezzo, Milan by Cino Zucchi. School in Waidhausenstrasse by Helmut Richter. Refurbishment of a Rome apartment by Marta Laudani. Borealis lamp by King & Miranda. 'Furnishing a house as you might wear clothes". Knowbotic Research. MRVDV, a Dutch architectural firm. Caterina Crepax designs a paper dress. "The dialogue of Absence" by Kosugi + Ando.
Domus, 1996
paperback, very good condition



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