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Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry


By Donald J. Willcox.
Henry Regnery Company, 1973. Hardcover collection of crazy 'seventies jewelry, with a lot of flair- "a revolution is taking place in body ornament. Craftsmen are rejecting the formal, trite designs of the past and experimenting with unconventional shapes, bold lines, bright colors and everyday materials… the new "body forms" are likely to be made of such non-traditional materials as fur, feathers, acrylic, leather, ceramics, or even paper…" Designers include John Houston, Hussein Abbo, Paul Harrison, Malcolm Appleby, Louis Osman, Heikke M. Seppa, Barbara Gasch, Inge Augustin, Albert R. Paley, Charlotte de Syllas, Lynda Watson, Eric Spiller, Ray Norman, Regine Juhls, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Eugene Pijanowski, Hiroko Sato Pijanowski, Marci Zelmanoff, Aline Fisch, Mary Lee Hu, Wann-Hong Liu, Edward Koelling, Nilda Getty, Richard Mafong, John Riis, Louise Todd, Jakobine Hobbs, Joan Ann Jablow, Rita Shumaker, Marita Kulvik, Marcia Lewis, Sonia Hahn-Ekberg, Clifton Nicholson, Douglas Wagstaffe, Denyse Little, Ann Marie Shillito, Antti Siltavouri, Olli Tamminen, Gunilla Treen, Bjorn Weckstrom, Stanley Lechtzin, Eleanor Moty, David Laplantz, Richard Mawdsley, Ken Cory, J. Fred Woell, Kauko Moisio, Flemming Hertz, Jeremy Hough, Gijs Bakker, Emmy van Leersum, etc. Dust jacket has some light wear and small closed tears-- now protected in a plastic sleeve it looks quit


Art fashion Jewellery Leather Seventies

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