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Architectural Digest volume XV Number 2

Architectural Digest volume XV Number 2


Old issue of this magazine- undated at this period but I would guess mid-'fifties. A nice copy with some light handling wear, faint spot on cover. I have tried to list most of the features below.

Home of Mr & Mrs Dave Chasen, Los Angeles. Paul Williams architect, Edward F. White decorator. Includes a nice pool.

W. G. Kreiger in Lido Isle, Newport Beach California. Architect J. Philmer Ellerbroek (includes a table from Gerard's House of Driftwood)

Mrs Ida Peterman in Carmel. Interior by Florence Bates Hayward

Apartment of Mrs Richard Alexander Mayer. Interior decoration by Charles J. Aufferth

California Pavilion model home

Sam Barnett, Beverly Hills. Roy Hackelman.

William H. Wickett, Fullerton California. Charles Wickett. Interiors by Delena Constantine.

Clyde Cowden, Midland, Texas. J. Ellsworth Powell architect.

Arthur Rupe, Los Angeles.

Miss Kay Starr, Bel Air.  Edward White interior design. Mr & Mrs Vic Damone in Bel Air.

St Anthony Hospitality House at the Shadow Mountain Club. William Bray.

George J. Arnold.

Mr Bradford Cook, Lond Beach. James Friend, architect.

Ross Huntly, Sherman Oaks. Benedict & Johnson.

Los Angeles apartment with handwoven fabrics and mural by Robert Crowder.

Everett Mill, Beverly Hills. Tom Douglas furnishings.

L. P. Van Slyke.

Donald O. Hency

E. W. Bysshe, Cutpost Estates. Karl Trinkwater interiors.

Peter Fay

Beatrice West

George Francis Slater

Otis I. Carr

Display bedroom in DIRECTIONAL showroom by Paul McCobb

Capitol Records Tower. Altman Morris interiors.

Infant's Dress Shop in Beverly Hills.

Leo C. Cruise

Barraclough Restaurant

Jerry Raisin

William Carlisle/ S.L. Savidge in Woodbury Park Washington. Frederick  & Nelson.

Jack Gross

Vista House. Barnett brothers



Architectural Digest California Pools

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