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A Paradise Out of a Common Field

A Paradise Out of a Common Field


"The skills of Victorian head gardeners changed the face of country house gardens for ever. Whereas the 18th century landowner gazed out from his drawing-room windows at rolling pasture & native woodland, his 19th century counterpart was seduced by colorful geometric flowerbeds, exotic shrubberies & elegant conifers. Inside the house, too things would never be the same. New conservatories glittered with brilliant blossom & luxuriant foliage. Pot plants & cut flowers entered hallways & drawing rooms, and joined candelabra and plate on the dinner table. Eight course dinners celebrated the unfailing supply of fine young vegetables, and concluded with a magnificent dessert which, even in winter, included sweet juicy pineapples and fragrant grapes..." With illustrations. VG/VG.
Morgan, Joan; Richards, Alison
Harper & Row, 1990
hardcover, very good condition, very good dust jacket


gardening Social History Victoriana

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