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Total Living -- Fashion, Architecture, Design, Art, Communication charta

Total Living -- Fashion, Architecture, Design, Art, Communication


Italy: Charta, 2002.  Thick softcover packed with images of some rather flashy design. Book in very good condition, with light wear only. Ownership label from an architectural firm affixed inside.



From a Domus review:

So what is “total style”? something which tells you how to dress, what things to chose and what kind of spaces to live in? The definition of total style is offered by the editors of a book coming out 9 April to coincide with the Milan Furniture Fair, with a narrative installation by Italo Rota and Mario Lupano which describes contemporary lifestyles. The project is promoted and produced by Pitti Immagine and organised by Maria Luisa Frisa, Mario Lupano, Stefano Tonchi for Edizioni Charta.

The idea behind “Total Living” comes from the notion that styles and ways of living are becoming increasingly uniform under labels and definitions derived from fashion which is understood as an industry and cultural form. Total style is therefore the “point of no return” of a global project which is made tangible in a lifestyle which defines to the last detail all aspects of living. And the protagonists of fashion and design, along with the creative professionals in marketing and communication are seen as new visionaries, motivated by profit, who propose new ways of living where everything is organised and metabolised by aesthetics.

In this context, the confines between systems of fashion, design, architecture, art and communication are increasingly blurred; as such fashion steals from the museum and its display techniques whilst the museum follows fashion exploiting the attraction which it holds which is seen as global and classless. Pre-packaged ways of life are developed and launched which become trends able to influence quite decisively the life of consumers and create followers of a new cult.

The book is made up of two parts. The first part is an iconographic section – where a selection of life designs, urban visions, architecture, special houses, shops, art galleries, museums, photographs and publicity campaigns are presented, extracted from fashion, style and architecture magazines – followed by a series of critiques from many different contributors; as well as the editors themselves experts from various disciplines have been called on including Paola Antonelli, Francesco Bonami, Michele Ciavarella, Riccardo Dirindin, Emanuela De Cecco, Chee Pearlman, Roberto Monelli, Herbert Muschamp, Michele Sernini, Dietmar Steiner and Deyan Sudjic.

From publisher's blurb:

Total Living

Art, Fashion, Design, Architecture, Communication

Edited by Maria Luisa Frisa, Mario Lupano and Stefano Tonchi. Essays by Paola Antonelli, Francesco Bonami, Michele Ciavarella, Emanuela De Cecco, Ricardo Dirindin, Maria Luisa Frisa, Mario Lupano, Roberto Monelli, Herbert Muschamp, Chee Pearlman, Michelle Serenini, Dietmar Steiner, Dejan Sudjic and Stefano Tonchi.

Styles and lifestyles are fast becoming uniform under labels and definitions of fashion, and as an industry and a cultural form. Total Living is the point of no return in a project which, step-by-step, develops strategies whose goal it is to offer an even more sophisticated and targeted lifestyle. It is a place where there are definitions for clothes, behavior modes, and even the atmoshpheres and spaces in which one moves. Assuming the contours of a landscape of the future, this scenario raises topical themes and problems connected with the overwhelming power of consumerism. Accompanying scholarly essays consider the thematic universes of fashion designers and brands; models of total living in 20th century history; references to total living in mass culture; living and eating; arty fashion and fashionable art; the world of fashion design; the languages of shopping; urban fashion districts; and advertising as a narrative. A fabulously rich and interconnected iconographic passage visually narrates the various forms and ramifications of total living today and in the recent past through a succession of utopias, life-projects, urban visions, architecture, special homes, stores, art galleries, museums, and editorial pages and ads from fashion and lifestyle magazines. Total Livingshows life for the show that it is--or has become. Published in collaboration with Pitti Immagine.



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