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Birds of Britain

Birds of Britain



John D. Green, photo., David Tree, art direction 

New York: Macmillan, 1967. Oversized coffee-table book devoted to the girls of London in the swinging ‘sixties.  Two to four full-page spreads of each of the following: Pattie Boyd, Sandie Shaw, Charlotte Rampling, Sue Murray, Susannah York, Sue Cornwallis, Ingrid Boulting, Lady Eliot, Edina Ronay, Rory Davis, Sibylla, Julie Christie, Sarah Miles, Paula Noble, Annette, Andre, Susan Hampshire, Jane & Victoria Ormsby-Gore, Victoria Mills, Jane Asher, Diana MacLeod, Angela Pringle, Mary Quant, Marianne Faithfull, Pat Booth, Annabella Macartney, Ingrid Hepner, Shirley Scott-James. Lulu, Juliet Harmer, Susan Maughan, Martine Beswick, Alexandra Bastedo, The Jay Twins, Claire Bewick, Hayley Mills, Jane Barry, Lady Mary-Gaye Curson, Chrisie Shrimpton, Viviane Ventura, Venetia Cuninghame,  Jacqueline Rufus-Isaacs,  Cathy McGowan, Sandra Paul, Paddy Carrington-Bates, Shirley Ann Field, Mary Bee, Samantha Juste, Shirley Watts, Vicky Hodge, Cilla Black, Suzanna Leigh, Annegret, Sue Lloyd, Ilona Rodgers, Cetra Hearne, Dusty Springfield.  Dust jacket has some chipping and tears. Stain on back panel—still, a nice copy of a jacket that often doesn’t survive well at all.Since the photograph was taken the jacket has been slipped in a protective plastic sleeve.


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